We're back! It's so wonderful to have a school full of happy, smiling children again - just how it should be!
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Welcome to Reception!




Mrs Barden and Mrs De Silva

Reception Class 2019-20

Mrs Barden and Ms MacGregor

Welcome back, Reception Class!

Mrs Barden gives a guided tour of the Reception Classroom as it looks now. As you can see, it's not changed that much so, hopefully, the children will feel reassured as they return to school on Monday.

Reception Class Video Message

Hello Reception Class,
Hope you enjoy watching your friends - and yourself, of course!


Week Five - 4th May 2020

Week Four - 27th April 2020

Week Three - 20th April 2020

Week Two - 6th April 2020

Easter Journal Story

Week One - 30th March 2020

Weekly stories read by Mrs Barden

Pirates Love Underpants

You all enjoyed last week's pirate story so much, Mrs Barden thought she'd share another one with you this week.

Ten Little Pirates

Mrs Barden reads a story about pirates - aaarrrr!

Week Nine - Little Red Riding Hood

Mrs Barden reads the story she read to the children in school today.

Chocolate Mousse for Greedy Goose

Mrs Barden reads an 'oldie but goodie!'

Week Eight - Q Pootle 5

Mrs Barden reads a story which might make you think about Space...

Week Seven - The Littlest Owl

Week Six - Paddington

Mrs Barden reads about one of our favourite bears!

Week Five - The Smartest Giant in Town

Mrs Barden reads Julia's Donaldson's classic story...

Week Four - Jack and the Beanstalk

Mrs Barden reads this week's story.

Week Three - Monkey Puzzle

Mrs Barden reads Julia Donaldson's 'Monkey Puzzle.'

Week Two - We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Still image for this video
Mrs Barden is really keen to read to the children every week. However, she didn't feel she could read this particular story better than the author himself! So here he is...

Week One - Shark in the Dark

Still image for this video
The related activities are in the Reception Class area of the Home Learning Part 2 section of the website.
Everyday Life in Reception Class

Curriculum Overview 2019-20

Weekly Timetable 2019-20

Reception Class Curriculum Evening

We have been practising our phonics in Forest school by collecting twigs and using them to make words with the oo phoneme. It was a windy day so some of our work kept blowing away!

We were lucky to have a PE session with Mr Grice this week and saw a huge improvement in our throwing and catching skills even in the space of our 45 minute lesson!

Look at the wonderful Jungle display we have made for our World Book Week story "The Jungle Book"

World Book Day 2020

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the car wash role play we have developed in our outside area. This has all stemmed from their own interest in vehicles and garages!

We learned a lot about how vets care for animals and people when Mr Harrison came to visit us. We even helped to bath a tortoise and bandage some animals that were hurt!

There have been some budding engineers in Reception class this week! The children were challenged to construct a tower that was as tall as possible but that was also stable to reduce the chance of wobbling or completely falling over. Great results don't you think?

We have been enjoying crumpets for our snack.

We collected natural materials from Forest School to turn into paint brushes and created some art together with them. It was interesting to see how the paint spread differently from use normal paintbrushes we use.

We looked for signs of nature around school and realised there weren't many birds around so decided to make bird feeders to encourage them. We hung them up in the infant playground and in Forest school.

On Monday morning Mr Sheffield from Chorley Sports Partnership ran the first Balance bike session for the children in Reception class. They demonstrated excellent listening skills when follow instructions and are looking forward to this again next week.

After reading the story Lost and Found, the pupils in Reception class have investigated ways to free the penguins from the ice! Some super ideas shared and they eventually decided that pouring hot water on the ice was the quickest idea.

The children have been learning to make new colours by mixing others, this week they have tried to make grey with Black and white.

On Wednesday, the children in Reception class enthusiastically took part in a dance session to learn a Superhero dance. Miss Williams will be joining us for 5 sessions and they are already looking forward to next Wednesday.

Can you guess what Reception class have been making ready for the Enterprise Event on Friday?

Father Andrew has been to tell us about the special meal that is eaten in the Eucharist.

Mrs Waddington came to tell us about her job as a nurse. We investigated all of the equipment she uses.

Reception class enjoyed their Forest School sessions this week. Their challenge was to build a bridge and act out the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff

Reception class were very lucky to have such an interesting and informative afternoon yesterday when Mrs Traynor visited to tell them about being a doctor. The children had to dip into her lucky dip bag to find equipment that doctors use. There were many exciting items to investigate such as a thermometer, stethoscope, sling and even a sample pot (full of apple juice!)

On Wednesday our class enjoyed a session with the football development team. The staff were very impressed by the children's ability to listen and follow instructions! Well done!

We have been developing our fine motor skills this week by practising our letter formation with paintbrushes and water, and also by making as many small, rolled balls as possible with the playdough.

Enjoy your week off and see you on November 4th!

We have started a new morning snack routine with our toast. We have been very careful at pouring our own drinks and tidying our cups and plates away when we have finished.

Some very exciting and investigative learning as been taking place in Reception class with magnets, which all stemmed from the children's interest in how the train set was moving!

Thank you to Reuben and Maisie's Mum who came into school to help us do some planting to brighten our outdoor area.

After reading the story of 'Little Red Hen', we had a go at making our own mini loaves. They looked and smelled delicious!

We have been exploring different ways of moving around and decided to create a short obstacle course with the large outdoor construction.

Mr Latham has started to join us on a Monday afternoon to develop our woodwork skills. We are making a model boat first...more will be revealed in future weeks!

Our 'Handa's Surprise' activities are great fun...

Reception Class 2018-2019

Mrs Barden

Weekly Timetable

Farmer Ted's

Arts Week in Reception Class!

Fabulous teamwork and problem solving from Reception class this week. The pupils had to create a ball run that would cross the wooden crate and fall into a bucket. Some real tests of perseverance and testing to check everything ran smoothly

A wonderful afternoon at church creating the Easter garden for the congregation! We had fun exploring church too!

Reception class took advantage of the sunshine on Wednesday and Thursday to explore our Forest school area. The children decided on their own rules to make Forest School a safe place and showed fantastic team work to build a bear cave. Felix told us that "It's the best day of school ever!" so we had better get our next session organised soon!

Enjoying the warm, spring sunshine by practising our balancing skills!

World Book Day 2019 - We loved reading with Year 3!

Reception Class took part in the 'Balance Bike Festival' this week!

To see our trip to 'Imagine That' please check out the gallery page. 

A busy week. We have had visits from a vet and a doctor!

Our funky fingers challenge has been to use chopsticks to move noodles into bowls! The children also made a Chinese lantern or pig! We looked at a Chinese dragon dance and then has a go ourselves. Another challenge this week has been to attempt some Chinese writing to spell out Happy New Year!

As part of our learning about people in our community who are real life heroes, Reception class have had visits from a prison officer and pilot this week. Both of our guests were very engaging and allowed us to explore many role play opportunities. Thank you to our visitors for giving up their time. I wonder who might visit next?

Some fabulous phonics and word building taking place in Reception class this week!

In technology this week we have been using the Beebots!

The Reception children were fortunate to take part in Balance bike training on Monday and Tuesday. Some good technique and competitiveness was witness! Thanks to the Chorley School Sports Partnership for leading the sessions.

This week has been very busy for our Reception class. We have been reading stories and inventing our own Superheroes! Our learning has been focused around the Supertato books and on Thursday afternoon the children even had to free Supertato and the evil peas from the ice!! There was some super discussion, ideas and teamwork!

Reception class have continued their learning about prayer by making some prayer beads this week. All of the children could explain what or who each bead represented in their prayers. Don't they look fantastic!

In our Healthy Cafe Role Play area this week we have enjoyed making raspberry and peach smoothies. We used our chopping and peeling skills and enjoyed drinking the smoothies at snack time!

Reception class have been exploring Islam, particularly making comparisons between Eid and Christmas. They have experienced Islamic prayer and designed their own prayer mats and built model mosques

Our Bears and Prayers Morning

"Funky fingers" We have been tackling lots of challenges to get our fingers working hard.

Our football skills morning, super listening skills Reception!

Mr Latham does woodwork with us!

Our Remembrance Day Writing.

We have been trying really hard to form our letters correctly using our cursive script!

Welcome to Reception Class!

Reception Class


Mrs Scard

We had so much fun at our 'Ugly Bug Ball!'