With heartfelt thoughts and prayers to every member of the St. Mary's family in these difficult times. 'Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened and do not be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.'
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Home Learning


We have tried to provide a variety of resources and ideas so that children can continue to learn and be stimulated throughout the period of closure. We hope you find the following resources useful.

Letter to parents regarding learning activities

A social story to explain Coronavirus to young or worried children

Advice on helping your child with ASD or ADHD

Advice from the Lancashire Educational Psychologists

School Nurse Provision

Please note the following message from the School Nurse Service:

Primary School

The school nursing team will continue to operate whilst schools are closed. 

Should you or your child need to access the school nurse then please telephone 0300 247 0040.

This service is available Monday to Friday 9-5.

Emotional Health and Resilience

The website below has been recommended to us by Blackburn Diocese and contains a variety of activities for parents and children to encourage emotional health, resilience and well-being. The site is usually only available to subscribers but they are currently providing some free resources.


Mental Health advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO)

The documents below have been issued by the World Health Organisation to help both children and adults.


As we often work in partnership with Edge Hill University, they have sent us details of their 'Links to Learning' website. There you will find a wealth of activities to support learning over the coming weeks. It's well-worth a look, as it includes, amongst other things, astronauts reading stories about space - from space! Who could resist that?!


As you already know, we love reading at St. Mary's and a protracted period of time off school is the perfect time to get stuck into a good book. In Guided Reading sessions in school, the children work through a variety of activities linked to the book they're reading. Please find the relevant reading activity booklets below. The suggested activities mean the children have an extra purpose for reading, in addition to reading for pure enjoyment, of course!


Borrowbox is available online or as an app you can download to your smartphone or mobile device. It allows you to borrow either audio or ebooks from your local library any time of day from anywhere. All you need is an email address, your library barcode and a PIN number. Here’s a link which explains more:

Book Before the Film

You may remember, our theme for World Book Day was books that had been made into films. We thought you might appreciate a list so that you could possibly read some of these books and then watch the film. Lots of them will probably be available on Sky, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. It would be a good exercise to then do a comparison of the two - which did you prefer and why? Did the whole family agree? Lots of healthy discussion could then ensue!

Book Before the Film list

First News newspaper

First News is a newspaper for children that we subscribe to in school. It is published once a week and the publishers have been in touch to say they will send us a link to open an online version on a weekly basis. The links can be found below.

First News 10th - 16th April 2020

First News 3rd - 9th April 2020

First News 27th March - 2nd April 2020

First News 20th - 26th March 2020


Each year group in school has a specific list of words they are supposed to learn. These are generally known as 'common exception words' because they are words used in everyday language but which don't, necessarily, follow the spelling rules we learn elsewhere. In Y5 and Y6, there is a list of 'statutory spellings' which every child is expected to know before they leave primary school.  All of these spelling lists can be found below and it would be really beneficial to the children's education in general were they to learn their relevant spellings while they're not in school.


White Rose Maths is the Maths scheme we use in school. They are preparing a number of resources, including online videos, to support parents in teaching Maths to their child during this time of school closures. Please find below a letter from them, explaining more and a link to their website and the relevant resources.

Letter from the White Rose Maths team


Classroom Secrets is a website we often use to access resources for lessons in school.

They have put together a series of learning packs, which you can find below. All resources are printable so children don't have to work online. 

In addition, you might also find the following resources useful for your child in Reception Class.


All the children in school have a login to Purple Mash. If you've not already found it, it should be stuck in the inside cover of the exercise book your child brought home on 20th March.

Purple Mash have prepared a Parents' Newsletter, which you might find useful in knowing how to help your child. It is available below.


This is a fun website we have recently introduced in school which makes learning tables great fun for children and also involves a certain amount of competition, which they also love, of course! The  attached sheet will tell you all you need to know!


Le Club Francais (who run our weekly Spanish Club) have made some suggestions on how you can continue your language learning at home. The following two documents should give you some ideas.


Journey to Easter through Art for children

Child-friendly version of the Easter story


This is an award that aims at developing young people's leadership skills and character values. The team behind the award have devised a series of activities that can be done at home to help children to develop these skills. Please find various downloads below, along with a link to their website.



Espresso is a website we regularly use in school. They are making their resources free for all our children to use at home at this time. Please follow the link below and then login with the details sent to you by email on Monday 23rd March. Thanks.





The Chorley Schools Sports Partnership have provided the following fun bingo game to encourage children to stay active.


PhonicsPlay is a great website for practising Phonics and they have provided a free login for everyone to use while schools are closed. This should prove useful for all the Infants, but especially Year One.


The Fairtrade team have put together a selection of Home Learning resources to help children to keep up-to-date with their issues. As Mrs Greenlees was only in school a couple of weeks ago, sharing lots of information on this topic, accessing these resources would be a good way of following up on her introductory work.

Picture 1


The attached list has been put together by another school (hence the strange message at the end!) but contains some wonderful links, not only to educational websites but to museums and art galleries as well. Well-worth a look!