We're back! It's so wonderful to have a school full of happy, smiling children again - just how it should be!
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Eccleston St Mary'sChurch of England Primary School

Children's Work

Holiday Homework

Thank you to all the families who rose to the Summer Holiday Homework Challenge! All the children who took part received a sticker and a certificate and we've been able to create some wonderful displays with all the 'evidence' you've brought in. Very well done to everyone!

Holiday Homework Sticker and Certificate

Holiday Homework Displays

Values Posters

We spent Arts Week thinking about what it means to be British and, at the end of the week, we designed our own Values Posters.

Values Posters

'I Have a Dream'

Martin Luther King is one of Mrs Birchall's great heroes. She shared his 'I Have A Dream' speech with us and so we then thought of what our dream for the world would be. Here are some of our ideas.

'I Have A Dream'