Date for your diary - St. Mary's Summer Fair - Friday 28th June - 3.30 - 6pm. Stalls, refreshments, games - it's all here and more so come along and have some summertime fun!
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Eccleston St Mary'sChurch of England Primary School

Summer Term

Y2 Class Worship - Pentecost

Y2 led us in Worship on 7th June on the theme of Pentecost. They demonstrated brilliantly how, just as an Ipad or a phone won't work without any charge, we need the Holy Spirit to give us power.

They re-enacted the first ever Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came to the disciples through wind and fire and explained that, afterwards, the  disciples were able to speak in lots of different languages so they could spread the message of Jesus all around the world.

Everyone was so impressed with Y2's acting, singing and dancing and it was a truly joyous occasion.

Thank you so much to Mrs Scard, Mrs Latham and Miss Ashcroft for putting it all together and, of course to all the parents, grandparents and friends who came to join us for the Worship.

Y2 dressed in appropriate 'Pentecost colours' to present their Class Worship

Y2 dressed in appropriate 'Pentecost colours' to present their Class Worship  1

All Age Worship

On Sunday 19th May, children from school led Worship at St. Mary's Church. Their theme was the 'New Commandment', that Jesus gave his disciples. This commandment told them that they should love one another.

The children thought about how this can sometimes be hard to do but that God sent the Holy Spirit to give us strength in these situations. This idea fits perfectly with our favourite Bible passage for this year:

'I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.'

Philippians 4 v.13

Our All Age Worship Team

Our All Age Worship Team 1