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Autumn Term

Our last 'Open the Book' this year was wonderful

Our last 'Open the Book' this year was wonderful  1

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Y5 Class Worship - Hospitality - 28th November
Y5's Worship was on this half-term's Christian Value of Hospitality. They taught us that Hospitality means being welcoming to everyone and this extends then to being kind and friendly. They solved a mystery that had been puzzling a number of the staff when they explained that it was members of Y5 who had been leaving kind messages to make staff smile around school. They also presented a very lively rendition of one of our favourite songs (called 'Hospitality'). It seems Mrs Jones has been putting her choreography skills to good use again. Thank you, Y5, for entertaining us whilst getting across a very important message that we should always be kind and welcoming to others.
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Y4 Class Worship - Justice and the Rule of Law -  25th October
Y4's Worship was on the Christian Value of Justice, linked to the British Value of Rule of Law. They told us about when God gave Moses the Ten Commandments and then explained that Jesus added a new commandment - that we should love one another. They told us about fair play in all aspects of life, especially sport and reminded us why we support Fairtrade in school. The message of treating everyone fairly and with respect came across loud and clear. Well done Y4!
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